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How to Get Along with Anyone

How To Get Along With Anyone

The title of Susan Mendoza Beller's How To Get Along With Anyone makes a big promise - and Beller, an international mediation expert, fulfills that promise admirably with sixty-three specific strategies to deal with even the most difficult personalities. For each strategy, there's a relevant quote, an introduction, a sketch of a fictional person to illustrate negative behaviors, suggestions for how these behaviors can be modified, an activity that can be performed as a group, and discussion ideas.

Each chapter is, in effect, a self-contained miniguide that offers a well constructed problem-solution approach to understanding another's point of view and resolving conflict. It is an impressive feat for Beller to have identified so many different personality traits and then boiled them down into distinct chapters. Beller writes in her conclusion that the book "is a journey into the minds of many diverse personalities, and an activity adventure in team building." As such, "How To Get Along With Anyone" is sure to make for enlightening reading." Barry Silverstein, ForeWord Clarion Review


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Recipe for Peace Now

Recipe for Peace Now is a guide for roundtable symposiums that combines practical experience, open dialogue and the power of shared cuisine.

Collected over more than twenty years of practical application, Recipe for Peace Now offers a plethora of quotes paradigms, insights and recipes that encourage non-adversarial engagement. The book refines overarching group goals in an atmosphere of good food, good discussion, and good companionship.

The ultimate goal is person to person connection. Eat, talk, laugh and get to know someone outside of your comfort zone. Remember, the most important ingredient is you.


R. Reach-out   E. Encourage   C. Connect   I. Inspire    P. Progress   E. Eat


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