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Recipe for Peace Now About Us


RecipeForPeaceNow positively changes lives, one conversation at a time, by teaching mediation, negotiation, and civil dialogue skills around the world.

Communication is easy until misunderstandings, difference of opinion, disagreements, arguments, hurt feelings, or a place of impasse transpires. That is when relationships – with family, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances – can take a turn for the worse.

Our goal is to change your life for the better. We teach everyone how to better get-along-with everyone else. By emphasizing alternative dispute resolution strategies, we impact the workplace, schools, civic organizations and personal relationships. Learning how to get-along-with-anyone impacts everything!

Our vision is global, but our positive impact is within each individual. Recipe For Peace Now workshops, seminars, presentations and publications teach pragmatic real-life negotiation, mediation, and dispute resolution skills that create a catalyst for positive change. RecipeForPeaceNow helps individuals reach their full potential as leaders not only in business but in the community as well.

Who will benefit from “How to Get Along With Anyone: 63 Strategies For Success”? Individuals, University Students, Corporations seeking workplace compliance, Human Resources Departments, Schools teaching communication and negotiation curriculums, and anyone looking to hone their people-skills.

Recipe For Peace Now also maintains a roster of engaging speakers who are available to come to your organization. Please contact us for further information.



  • Civility
  • Connectivity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Leadership